Want the nuts and bolts? Now is the time to move on from old-school policies that were a sunk cost for you and your family and learn about the products that will help you build retirement income, protect your family, and ensure your legacy.  

Final Expenses

Believe it or not, the mortality rate for every city and county in the United States will eventually be 100%. We would always prefer to talk about other things, and yet this one topic is one that every person and every family will have at some future date.

There is a simple solution to making sure all the right questions are asked and the best answers saved and recorded for everyone in your family.

Whether through a true prearranged funeral plan or by simply providing a small amount of insurance to cover your final expenses, the conversation to answer these questions really should occur long before anyone is sick or dying. Let’s talk about your final celebration.


Indexed Annuities

If there were a way for you to take full advantage of upturns in the markets and never, ever have to worry about losing any of your retirement funds in a downturn in the market, how soon would you like to secure your retirement nest egg? This is exactly what an indexed annuity can provide for your retirement future.

How much did you lose in the crash in 2008 and 2009? Did you ever fully recover? How about this most recent COVID-19 pandemic? Did your retirement nest egg weather that storm very safely?

Had your retirement fund been deposited in a fixed indexed annuity you would have lost zero dollars through any of those down turns… And most importantly, you would have been perfectly positioned to capitalize on the gains that followed!

Indexed Life Products

 Life insurance products have changed… a lot! The products available today are not like your grandfather’s insurance. Did you know one policy can now serve your retirement needs, provide amazing financial benefits to you if you ever have a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or can’t care properly for yourself, AND still provide a wonderful blessing to your family in the event of an untimely death. Our indexed universal life products with living benefits is the one place for all your needs. 

These new products can include living benefits for you, legacy planning for future generations, end of life planning and financial coverage, and even market-indexed funds that help you build wealth as you save for retirement. 

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